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HoofMedix - Patented Hoof Care Program
Online social media 
advertisement and broadcast TV production.


Karina Lewis is an equine maintenance and rehabilitation specialist.  She is the inventor of HOOFMEDIX, a patented veterinarian approved hoof care maintenance program to assist with lameness caused by laminitis, navicular, ring bone, founder, cushings and more.  Karina invited us to her ranch in Fort Laramie, Wyoming to discuss her hoof care process, plans to teach the process to others, as well as her desire to bring awareness of it thru broadcast and social media channels.  We were intrigued by her knowledge of horse care and the capabilities she described to us and quickly scheduled a production date for a 30 second social media advertisement and TV spot to address some key bullet points of her business.  The video below is a FaceBook deliverable that we created for her modified from the TV commercial.

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