Indie Films


DGW Video Productions has many concept independent films in various stages of planning and development.  Some of them may never become a final product, while others have potential to become a theatrical release.

The concept film posters on this page represent different projects under consideration for production.  Some have nearly completed scripts and others are in very early stages of pre-planning.

Most of the concept movies are of the "thriller" or "horror" genre.

"The Afflicted" is a thriller movie with a nearly complete script and a handful of actors committed to the project.  With proper funding this movie may begin filming in early to mid 2011.

"Don't Walk In The Woods" is a horror film that was to be shot primarily in the Laramie, Wyoming mountain areas of Vedawoo and other locations throughout Wyoming.  It is still in a pre-production stage.

"County Road 31", "Buried" and "The End Of The Line" currently have no completed stories but scripts are scheduled to be written upon completion of "The Afflicted".

"Henry The Fellow" is the story of a man conflicted by voices and sounds that drive him to conflict with society in evil ways.  The story concept is almost complete but there is no further schedule for production at this time.

"Mandan Mayhem - the gathering" is a concept movie to be produced in association with Bandan Entertainment.  It is the first in a series of (3) Mandan movies to be developed.  The script for "the gathering" is partially complete and no film schedule has yet been determined.

"Zombie Park" is exactly what you'd expect, with a twist.  These less than friendly converted people have their own way to meet and greet you when you visit the town park.

Check back and stay tuned for the latest status of these projects and VIDEOS 

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